Client: Tyco Electronics

Tyco Electronics is a leading manufacturer of solar energy systems. They provide a complete hardware/software solution that brings clean power into the home.

Their products are typically behind the scenes: consisting of electronic boxes such as invertors, convertors, breaker panels, disconnects, and PV connectors.

To market their suite of products as a turnkey green energy solution, an innovative illustration was needed. The illustration would show a typical home with the entire system installed throughout. Cutaways would be used to depict systems not visible from the home exterior. Bornemann was contracted to develop the illustration.

Bornemann’s first step (1) was to design a home. A registered architect, he researched typical east coast residential architecture and developed a prototypic design representative of the homes that the solar power system would be installed in. He created the home design from scratch using a 3D wireframe.

Next (2) Bornemann selected a view angle and cropped the image to focus on the garage area. This area is where the solar system is installed with roof mounted panels, and interior control systems.

For the next step (3) materials and colors are added to the home, windows are given a blue tint and transparency.

Next, (4) Bornemann develops a lawn in Photoshop and montages it into the house image. A stock photo of a sky is selected and the clouds are modified to frame the home. Solar panels are now added to the garage roof. Detailed landscaping is montaged into the image. Shadows are developed under the bushes to “anchor” them to the lawn.

For the final step, the garage wall is cutaway revealing the Tyco Electronics solar system components installed inside.