Client: Honey Dew Donuts

We worked with Honey Dew Donuts, a New England doughnut franchise, on a new promotion for broadcast named “DewTube.”  Styled as a YouTube type video portal, DewTube allows the near fanatical fans of the company’s donuts to post videos online describing their passion. The best videos are then selected to run as broadcast TV spots.

At the end of the spot a DewTube logo appears against a black background, which we developed as a 3D elliptical shape and animated through a quick 180 degree rotation to display the Honey Dew Donuts trademark logo on the other side.

This seemingly effortless sequence required exact sizing and aspect ratio; the creation of dramatic lighting to set off the branding; development of a reflection below the ellipse to give the logo a “float.”  

Next, the timing of the animation was worked out so that the logo begins to turn slowly, and then very quickly accelerates to give a “flip” type of effect. For a final touch, a reflective glint of light is strategically placed to flash across the logo as it flips to the other side.