Client: Anomet Products

Anomet Products contracted us to create a realistic 3D illustration of their product, customized composite wiring. Because the actual product is a very fine filament wire,
photography was not an option; they needed an image that would clearly show the multilayered composition of their product line. The final illustration, ready to be used in brochure, website, and trade show applications.

Step-by-step illustration development process:
Proof 1: To show the cladding of the wires, it was decided to use a cross section of three different types of wire, winding onto one or more spools in the background. First, a virtual 3D model of the wiring and spools was developed

Proof 2: Next, a preliminary image was generated showing the overall
composition and dynamic perspective.

Proof 3: As the final step, metal colors and textures were added;
reflections in the wires contribute realism and depth of field..