“You’re awesome. I’m sure I’ll have more stuff for you down the road now that I’ve found you. Thanks!”

Christopher Davis, Spike DDB

“Thank you so much for the great work you’ve done on HelioPro. The life- like rendering has helped us visualize the product and make modifications in ways we never could with actual prototypes in a much more time and cost efficient way. The team really appreciates all your hard work. Thanks again!”

Nick Kaldenbaugh, Heliopro USA

“I have to say, I’m really happy with both your work, and your work ethic so far – I’ve contracted out quite a bit of work so far, and frankly you’re one of the best people I’ve worked with, so for what it’s worth, thanks. (If you ever need a letter of reference or anything like that, let me know.)

Nicolas, morgansolar.com

“Thank you for creating the rendering of the new Reveal system in time for Governor Deval Patrick’s visit to the company. Your photo illustration of the Reveal explosives detection system was so realistic, the first demo system for the international trade show in Brussels was painted to match your illustration!

Here are some comments from the Reveal management and product launch team after seeing your work:

VP of Marketing: “It looks GREAT! “
International Managing Director: “Ooh la la, belle machine!”

CEO: “Gorgeous! I hope you all saw a picture of the machine that shipped this AM – looks pretty close to the rendering.”
From PR consultant: “It’s amazing how real this looks! Great job!”

These are all actual quotes from emails on May 15, 2009.

Gene Bellotti
Bellotti Communications
Inbound Marketing
Tel: 978.206.1792


Gene Bellotti, Bellotti Communications

“This looks truly fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work and long hours. I’ve rather enjoyed it, despite the time crunch! And it really will make our proposal that much better!

Now I’ve got to go get this out the door. Why don’t we plan to catch up next week when I’ve had time to catch my breath and can re-group and touch base with the team about the graphics we originally talked about. Sound like a plan?”

Elizabeth, www.harvestpower.com

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