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Heart stents

Heart stents

A recent project related to creating 3D illustrations (or, photos) of heart stents for one of the leading firms developing this medical technology. Different then many of the projects I work on, this client actually had manufactured heart stents already. That is, I didn’t have to develop things from CAD files, or drawing files, they already had “real” product.

So why the need to create an illustration?

Simply put, the 3D illustrations look better (actually, vastly better) then the best photography could provide. A close-up photo of a heart stent, any heart stent irregardless of who the manufacturer is, shows imperfections in the manufacturing process. It doesn’t look perfect, and a device that is going into the human body, has to look as perfect as possible. The geometry has to be smooth and even, materials have to be ideal, everything that is easily achieved with 3D illustration, and virtually impossible with photography.

Furthermore, another part of the project included showing the stents in various deployment scenarios. Specifically, flared stents, curving stents, branched stents, etc., etc. Another example of something that is nearly impossible with conventional photography. It continues to fascinate me, the growing list of uses that my clients come up with for 3D illustration. I’ll be adding two other creative project needs that have recently come up, in the coming 2 weeks.

Richard Bornemann
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Richard Bornemann has been a full time CGI artist since 1996. As a registered architect with an engineering background, he is proficient at translating client ideas and new product concepts into captivating visual communications. He is also a digital fine artist and is represented by several galleries in Toronto CA, in addition to being a 3 time winner at MacWorld and a one time winner at Seybold. He also provides pro bono coaching to minority owned small businesses as a way of giving back to the community.